Vendor Information

Vendor Information

Join us for the 35th Annual Great Lakes Electric Meter School (GLEMS) at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Kalamazoo, Michigan. GLEMS has continued to improve and expand programming, which has enhanced our reputation as one of the finest meter schools in the country. All vendors should be proud of this accomplishment and can look forward to August 5-8th, 2024!

Vendor Fact Sheets – Information for Student Projects
To increase the students’ hands on involvement and student/vendor interaction, student projects are created for all tracks – except track 6. In order for track chairs to appropriately develop student projects, detailed information is required regarding the products and services each vendor provides. All vendors must complete a Vendor Fact Sheet as a reference guide for Track Chairs and GLEMS students. Please be sure to provide extensive detail that will assist GLEMS staff in developing student projects utilizing vendor products. Examples of correct and incorrect vendor fact sheets are provided.

All Vendor Fact Sheets are offered to each student for reference. This is an excellent opportunity to get your organization’s name and products into each student’s hand. Vendor Fact Sheets are due by Friday, June 28th, 2024 so student projects may be finalized.

Vendors are encouraged to register early! Table assignments will be considered based on order of registration. 

Register by Friday, June 28th!

Thank You to Our Previous Vendor Partners!